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Well I think ill put my two bob in as well.....
Guess I wont be getting a shiny halo..
I meet up with the lads every friday night at the local watering hole and this is where we work out where we are diving the next day..And ill probably have a pint or two or three, then well be up at sparrows fart and off diving.
Then after diving, its off to the Pub for post dive stories and pints then the routine is the same on Sunday.

I have certainly gone diving with a certain amount of seediness ( However anything beyond Seediness, The boat wipes me out and diving is no longer possible due to excess chundering brought on by the Rolling Swasying Motion off the Boat...  Im just about out in Sympathy with myself)..

Now I also smoke and do like a good ciggy after a dive.
however we have a rule on the Boat "no smoking", So if i want a smoke I keep Kitted up and just paddle away and have my ciggy. Hopefully dodging the swell.
Well this is the way i dive and ive been doing it this way for a while Yet, And will continue to..
And I also dont think that the way I dive is in anyway dangerous
61 - 61 of 61 Posts
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