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As my drysuit is due a new neck seal, and the wrist seals are looking a bit dodgy too, i'm considering a bit of a major overhaul on it.

I've got a membrane suit with latex seals, both wrist and neck. Having had my neck seals going a bit sticky twice in not *that* long, i'm going to change the neck for neoprene seal.

I currently use dry gloves on latex seals, but the rings are bashed and dented and so need replacing. I also find that the latex (which is stretched over the ring) cracks (although doesn't leak) quite quickly after putting them on. And so i'm considering something better.

Basically, I want neoprene inner seals on my wrist. And I want the dry glove rings (which I will be buying soon) to be on the outside, held on with a more hardwearing / permanent solution.

My current idea is to get two neoprene wrist seals put on, one on top of the other, and put the ring on the outside seal, with the inside seal as normal.

However, is that likely to work? Is there a better solution? And any particular types of dry glove ring system good for this type of setup? I currently use the ones from Stoney, which are fine, but willing to consider another better type if there is one thats particularly suitable for fitting onto neoprene seals, or even glueing on?

Anyway, ideas greatly appreciated, mainly in relation to how best to go about sticking the rings on a neoprene seal, while maintaining an inner neoprene seal.

Also, suggestions for good places that will do the more "unusual" requests like mine is likely to be... and who are happy to post it. I have used Hunter in the past, who were very good, but couldn't do the neoprene over-cuffs when I asked a while ago, and so I suspect probably can't do multiple seals etc either :(

Ta muchly! :D

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