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I'm a plonker and bought a dry suit and have since put on weight to the point where it doesn't fit any more and was marginal when it did, it's an Otter Ultimate size large, Neoprene with cuff and shoulder dumps and new seals at neck and wrists, Slate and Knife pockets and size ten boots, great suit just a fraction too small for a fat Bast*rd like me. would suit someone 5,10 to 5.11 and maybe 12 or 13 stone. I'm six foot and closer to 15 stone so this one is tight across the shoulders and a little short in the arms. Ideally I'd swap for one that fitted me, neoprene or membrane but otherwise I'm open to sensible offers as this is a good suit.
Pics here http://www.photobox.co.uk/album/5289206

Pm me to discuss.
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