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I came, I saw, I dived
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how bad can it be?
Bloody aweful...

My wife and I both bought one as our first drysuits, complete waste of money. We were very careful with them, didn't scrape them on the bottom/rocks etc. washed them off after every dive, lubed the zips.

At the end of our first season (20 dives!) the seams had all gone, the material had delaminated in places and they leaked like sieves. Unfortunately we had bought them in anticipation of learning to dive and by the time we wanted to complain to Typhoon we had had them over a year and they didn't want to know. :angry:

I even tried getting one of our club instructors (BSAC regional instructor) to try and pretend it was his and the response he got was the same. :angry:

If you've got £250 to throw away then by all means do, but I would spend a bit more and get a proper drysuit.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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