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Drysuit purchase

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After trying out uk sea diving ive decided that im going to continue with it so i figure its a good idea to my a dry suit now. I dont really now much about them bar what ive been reading on here. Been looking at seaskin as it seems to be recommended a lot but more them happy to consider other makes, though traveling to get measured/try on drysuits is an issue because i live in Loughborough and dont have a car. This is what im thinking about at the minute:

Seaskin Nova - Membrane Diving Drysuit

Main Body Dry Zip Cover
3mm Neoprene Neck Seal
HD Latex Wrist Seals
Move Dump (DIR)
Swap Stardard Apeks Nipple for Seatec Fitting
Kevlar Knee Pads
Pocket for Nova, Large Bellows size 26cm x 20cm x 6cm *2

That comes to £530

leaning towards the membrane because its front entry, is there any major advantages to neoprene?

Any recommendations on other drysuits that are a similar price? preferably MTM

Thanks Rhys
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Thats a pretty similar set-up to the suit I have just ordered (2 pockets, normal position dump and neoprene wrist seals.) I travelled over to get measured up and had the chance to look at a few suits, accessories etc. Was really impressed by the set up and the price of a MTM suit was fantastic. If you can find someone who can measure you properly near Loughborough, then I would go for it.
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If i go for seaskin ill take the train up to leeds to get measure for the £30 the ticket will cost it seems worth it to make sure it fits perfectly.

Forgot to ask, what are the advantages and disadvantages of neoprene and latex seals? Also is a dry hood worth considering? Also undersuits are they 100% needed or will i get away with a thermal top and tracksuit bottoms for now?
There are probably several good reasons for either set-up, however I prefer neoprene seals. Always have. Dry hoods are good but I have several good hoods so didnt bother asking for an attached hood. The undersuit question is a good one. On saturday at Capers I did 2 dives. The first in an O'three neoprene and the second in an Otter membrane. I purposely wore the same clothing underneath. The first dive lasted an hour and I was toasty warm throughout. The second dive lasted 50 minutes and I almost called it several times due to being bloody freezing. The water temp was around 9 degrees. I may just be a bit soft though. I have some Xerotherm Arctics which will be used with the Seaskin and I expect to need them. With the 0'three, I can get away with a thinsulate T Shirt and running leggings (and have done in 4 degree temps).
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A couple of people in our club just got these and they look pretty good.

That looks like a good set up - there are always extras you can add (pee valve etc.) but they can be added later; same with dry gloves.

Seaskin will do a MTM undersuit too, and I know the guys in them said they didn't notice the cold at all; I was noticing it a bit, which suggests their undersuit isn't bad!
I have an o'three msf500TB. Its a fantastic suit and I would get another o'three if I needed another neoprene suit.
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Hi, sounds like a good suit.

With respect to neck and wrist seals I would go with neoprene rather than latex if you have the choice. They are not quite as delicate and will probably give you some warning if they are going to fail. Latex seals from what I've seen tend to go in a big way without any warning; watched one of my friends latex wrist seals come to bits on the boat on Sunday. Yards of duct tape and crossed fingers did not keep him dry on the following dive!

On the other hand my wife keeps forgetting to take her hair clips out before putting head through her neoprene neck seal; this has resulted in a few nicks and minor cuts to the seal but we've been able to fix these with a bit of black witch and the seal is still waterproof.

Just my 2p worth.

Going up to leeds to get measured tomorrow, still havent decided on membrane or neoprene yet though :/
I have an o'three msf500TB. Its a fantastic suit and I would get another o'three if I needed another neoprene suit.
Cool, that's what I wanted to see. We both got measured for a msf500TB at the weekend. :)
Cool, that's what I wanted to see. We both got measured for a msf500TB at the weekend. :)
been diving with mine for 18 months... love it.....
Ill add about O'three, i went to th store in Portland and the customer service was fantastic but i decided i couldn't afford one in the end.
In the end ive went for the Ultra with latex wrist seals, knee pads and one pocket (will get another added when i need it). Getting measured didnt take long at all and i think it was worth the 5 hour trip just to make sure it is right. Part of mes still thinking of going for membrane just for the front entry though
You have a few days to think about your order before they start making it. You should get an invoice via e mail that specifically asks whether you wish to change any part of your order. If in doubt, go with your gut. You decided on the Ultra for a reason didnt you?
Decided ultra because ill need less under it and was told it will be easier doing shut downs in. Also helped it was cheaper. Prob going to stick with it
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