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Well I use 4Kg with twin 12s and I would not say I am overweighted. I am weighted so that I can holf a stop at 3m with 50bar. That should equate to holding a stop slightly deeper with slightly less gas. I virtually always end up completeing the final stops with nothing in the wing so am struggling to see what the issue with that might be.

I have a dual bladder wing having bought it for an exped diving 50m to 60m in a 3mm wetsuit. Maybe it is not optimal for UK diving but it is perfectly adequate. In the UK the additional inflator is stowed disconnected out the way but could be crosspatched from my DS inflate with a bit of effort. Personally I think having it connected permanently could cause more problems than it might solve (weeping inflate hoses, inadvertantly hitting the inflate while doing something else). In the situation of a failed wing and struggling for surface buoyancy I can dump the 4KGs, dump stages, inflate a lift bag or DSMB and dump the set if needs be.

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