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I might be offered a job in Dubai.

So the big question is do i go for it or not. I pretty sure that that I know my answer but I dont want to say no to an offer without talking to somebody who lives there. I am especially interested in living standards, cost of living, safety, community...etc.

Is there anybody there who currently lives there that could help with pros & cons.... I might need to mention that I have a three year old little tantrum prone madame and my missus is pregnant due beg of december.

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I'm not in Dubai but just up the road aways. I have been here for several years with my wife and children.

I can't realy given any specific advice on Dubai but I can about the region, pros & cons of ME expat life etc if that will help. Feel free to pm with any questions.

Cheers, John
I lived there for nearly three years with my wife and came back to blity just last year (due to work, if it wasn't for my job I'd still be there), find below few bits you and others may find helpful.

Basically, it's the best place on earth to live, virtually zero crime, zero tax, clean, great people, shopping and standard of living (don't listen to reports of heavy handed police, it's all rubbish). Diving is a bit pants but the BSAC club in Dubai is great and offers loads of trips, plus if you're a tech diver there are some great 60m, 90m and 110m dives just 2 hours away on the Oman side.

Living wise, booze is relatively expensive but as you're not paying tax it's not so bad. Housing is capitol city costs, i.e. London prices, best places to rent an apt: Marina, The Greens, Downtown near the big tall pointy Burj Khalifa building. I'm sure a two bed place would be AED120k. Villa wise Springs and Meadows very nice similar prices.

Schooling can be shockingly expensive and some schools do have waiting lists, so make sure your company covers the school fees.

Best dive place Al boom, i worked pt time there as an instructor, lovely people.

Well I hope this helps. Sorry for any errors in typing i'm off for the day and wanted to rattle something off.


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Thanks guys. Quick question what would be mid office finance sector avarage salary?
Whatever you do don't buy any property out there its troubles are a very very long way from over. Provided you have an exit route it might be OK to work there. My cousin is a surgeon and works out there about 25% of his time. He likes it but I wouldn't go there at any price, so you'll have to make your own mind up :D Just, please, I beg you, don't invest money there - its bankrupt and corrupt in equal measure.
I live just over the border in Oman and often go to Dubai on shopping trips (we have no Ikea here....sorry Woz).

Like John I can give you general info and have some friends who did live there so feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions.

Similar here, I'm in Qatar as a financial adviser, but our head office is in the land of sandcastles and I can probably put you in touch with one of our lads over there.

It's safe out here, recently a guy was sent down for 3 years for nicking a USB memory stick probably worth under £10, so crime isn't common. By far the worst thing is the driving out here, it's lunacy and the lunatics are all driving Landcruisers and similar tractors.

If i was paying attention at the time i vaugley recal a freind of a freind being stung something stupid for tax when leaving the country. Be carefull.
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