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Today saw 7 individuals meet at Eastbourne for an 8.15 rope of which got delayed whilst we sorted out somebody who got on the wrong boat !
We were going out on Inspiration for a dive on an unknown in 31metres ,out of the lock & there's somebody taking bungs out of 1st stages & fitting hoses :frown: hmmm glad I'm not buddying him then . We had decided that as I was on ccr I would go in first with the last group of 3 sending the shot back up .Well this all changed when we arrived on site & threw the shot in -" Err Markus (skipper) we're not moving ,& nor is the 2-3 metres of excess shot line either .Do you think it's slack yet ? :embarassed: "
Oh everyone get kitted up then ,ok I get to go in last as I still have to prebreath the unit :redface: right everybody else in hmm were is that hissing sound coming from ? nuts its the dil 1st stage leaking ,have a fiddle that seams to have stopped ,pick up the VR£ (read piece of junk) & whats this !!!!! 12mins deco @ 60 metres :confused: WTF I haven't got in yet . So leave the thing on the Rhib & in I go but can't submerge ,bugger left the KT reel at home & didn't add lead so haul myself down the first 2 metres .At the bottom viz not good about 1M .send up the shot & of I go viz clears very quickly to a solid 3-4 M & a nice bit of ambient light .Wreck is in 31M but sits proud by about 5-6 M so most of the dive spent @28ishM nice open wreck with a lot of fish life & a couple of large congers in residence ,found the triple expansion boilers & proceeded to the bow which is remarkably intact & is probably the highest part at about 25M . knelt on top of the bow & even with being last in & a 35 minute dive time showing there was no current at all so decided to send up the smb .nice slow ascent & all deco cleared it was time to get back on board for a cup of tea ,return to soverign harbour for a 3 hour interval before the second dive of the day .
all mee at 3pm & discover that 2 people decided it was cold on the first dive so aren't going & some have gone home so we are now 3. This dive was on the Mohlen Pris in 29M .all 3 of us kitted up & rolled in together .This wreck is fairly broken up but offers a lot of nooks & crannies to search in together with some very nice, easy & open swim throughs .
I had agreed to buddy with Adrian (addive on here ) for this dive but as he was only on a single 15 he would ascend on his own if I wanted to stay down longer .We had a good swim round the wreck untill he found a crab ,unfortunately this is were the buddy skills deserted us as I also found a large spider crab at the same time & we were both left looking at each other for help with the goody bags :redface: Adrian dot his sorted & mine put up a very valiant & expensive fight in that it grabbed the unbilical of my torch in its claws & the torch now has to visit custom divers to be repaired :angry: (I am typing this whilst listening to SWMBO cracking open aforementioned crab legs :thumbs_up: :D . A little further & Adrian shines his torch at a lobby that he can't reach so I move in with crab hook & shoo it towards him ,duelly grabbed & bagged .
Adrian decides its time to go so with 3 goody bags he launchs his blob & up he goes .I follow about 3 minutes later having decided that I should have stuck with ther thicker undersuit :frown:
Back on the surface & a fast run back to harbour .
All in all a very enjoyable days diving ,thanks to Markus for the uauall excellent skippering & thanks to Adrian for buddying me on the 2nd dive .

Sorry if this is long but its the 1st time I have ever done a trip report so please go easy on the critisism ;)
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