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hmmm.. open circuit revisited...
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<font color='#008080'>Must tell you that viz has finally been spotted off Eastbourne last week together with some sunny weather - what more can I ask for?

Day 1: Thursday. Did SY Argonaut in Rye Bay, viz 7-8m. Depth 35m. Fantastic view out of the stern with the light filtering through the portholes - just stunning.. untill I stirred up the fine mud during some essential, but unproductive digging work  
Second dive on an olde paddlesteamer 'The Dutchess' - covered by sandy bottom with loadsa scallops - yummy. Lots of fish about too. Depth 24m. Viz 5-6m.
Day 2: Friday. SS Caleb Sprague, three island steamer. Depth 45m to bottom, 32m to top of bridge, 36m to deck. Viz - agrophobic 12-15m!  Never seen the wreck like that before!  Some beautifull large cod in the broken stern area. Lots of other fish about. Just nice! Second dive HMS Borneo (armed trawler) depth 26m, more sandy bottom with scallops. Interesting rummage in the stern. Prop and rudder still in place. Lovely.
Day 3: Littlehampton. 36 mile steam offshore. Overcast and cold. Old German Paddlesteamer in 65m depth. Viz dark 10-15m, wreck upside down. Top in 55m. Congers everywhere! Confirmed it was German by some pottery shards, but still don't know what it is - other than BIG. Nice dive, just too short..

Off to Norway (Narwik) next week so shall report back later.

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