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Fabulous Weather this weekend folks!

We'll be heading out on Paul's new catamaran...Birghton Diver 2!..it's a big boat..lot's of space....looks like we're going to be in for some cracking weather. There ares still spaces for SATURDAY 7th April

£38 for two dives, 12:30 away, returning late afternoon. Two dives,
Fortuna 32m
Drift, poss Brighton Pier: 12m ish

Bring spare gas for second dive.
Fills may be available at Brighton Marina...ring up the dive shop to confirm opening times saturday.

Paul has asked me to post the trip, as only four bods are currently booked on and we need an extra two to make the trip viable. There are currently half a dozen places left to fill...so give paul a call07901822375
[email protected]

See you there on Saturday!

Chris B
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