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This place is only 20 mins from my place so we use it all the time even before it was cleaned up, it used to full of rats piss and battery acid. The rain used to make patterns in the oil slick on the surface.
Much better now though, the guy who owns it is not a diver but is working hard to make a diver friendly site.
It was cold the other week 3 degrees on and below the surface and did make a graet ice dive last January.
The beach area at the far end of the delph is ideal for training.
He has one tranny van , an old saracen and a wrecked Sunseeker of about 30-40ft. The roof was ripped off!! He hopes to have proper facilities soon but at the moment you have to get changed by your car or in an old portakabin.
Loads of platforms at useful depths. It is still filling up but it is hoped to be full at Easter 23 mtrs max.
He does teas and mars bars and fills at the moment.
You pay £5 to enter and registration is still free I think. If you take a group for training he might let the instructor in for free. This place will clear up once the landscaping is finished and he can seal the roadways.
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