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Daf 33's were someones idea of a joke.... they contained an air cooled twin cylinder engine that would of had great difficulty raising a model aeroplane from the ground, a gear stick that you pushed forward to go forward and pulled it back to go erm.. back... you would then floor the throttle and it would rev for about two minutes before the rubber band (I kid you not) finally bit and the whole contraption started to roll.... once rolling you prayed for a clear road... preferably downhill as the loss of speed and the embarassment as the wagon you'd just passed came back past you again was too much too bear.

My mams Daf 33 was my salvation though as it allowed me as a very horny teenager to get to my girlfriends house ten miles away ..... I used to hitchhike there before that... (That right...hitchhike!! twenty miles round trip... yup I was very horny)

Here's a link for ya Andy so you can see just how desperate I was... BTW she later upgraded to a...... Daf 44.. whoop.... ee....

1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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