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El Hierro August any Takers?

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Subject to another financial collapse or the God's creating more travel chaos I'm looking at running another trip to El Hierro in August. I’m looking at gauging interest at this stage.

El Hierro is the most westerly of the Canary Islands at one point it was the edge of the known world this is where sailors thought you go past it and you will fall off the edge. On calm day you can take a fast RIB around the island in about 4 hrs. For me this is a place to chill out and remember why I started diving in the first place.

This place is about as far away from Sausage factory diving as you can get.
All dive sites within max 25mins of the harbour, typically 10mins
Dive on the borders of a marine reserve, enormous amounts of wildlife.
Max 10 per boat.
Max one boat per dive site.
Typically 60M+ Vis water temp 23/24 Deg C.
Home to FotoSub and photographic competitions.

There are a number of trip reports here on YD from previous trips. Although in move to new site the pickies has gone.

Costs £630-£680 p/p all in. Accommodation (self catering) Tenerife & El Hierro transfers between islands. Excludes Flights and bar bills!!!!

If your interested PM or email me
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