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My eldest daughter has moved into independent living accomodation and as such I now have an electric bed going for free - or preferably a donation to the RNLI

Now dont get exited - its not one of those "honeymoon jobs" this is a fully electical adjustable bed for an aged or disabled person. The height can be raised or lowered, as can the "head end" and "Leg end". All can be adjusted independently. It has fold down safety rails and lockable wheels.

This bed cost hundreds of pounds and I refuse to skip it without letting someone who needs one have it. Simple as that.

Its in great condition, very heavy and safe and is single bed size.

Whats the catch? - none, apart from whoever wants it will have to come and get it. I live in Runcorn, Cheshire. I have some pics so anyone interested let me know and I will email them.

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