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Quote[/b] (lynnj @ Mar. 04 2004,09:04)]There are 3 dive shops in Nottingham - Barracuda and Sherwoord Divers [name?] (sherwood) and First Stage in Ruddington.  

Each are useful in their own way.  I always get my seals done by Pete in Barracuda and he does the club's training regs and many of the member's regs too...
Sherwood divers (if i think we are talking about the same one, on mansfield rd) trades as nottingham scuba center.

Personally I find that none of these have very much in the way of stock and the service i personally have had has been shocking in a couple of them. I have heard good things about Barracuda and suit repairs but have never had reason to use them personally (cause my dry suit is dry).

I also couldn't beleive than none of them had shot lead in stock, either loose or in pouches. Nottingham scuba centre could sell us 4lb, not too much use when a friend has a new shot belt and we are off to scotland in 2 days!

1st stage diving wanted to charge me £50 to swop a scubapro A-clamp to Din, I asked why so much when the part was £35 and was told cause it's very difficult to do and requires time and special skills, when i said i had heard it was easy she put the phone down, not good customer service in my book!

Locally the best for servicing and cylinder testing has to be Divequip. This is run by a guy with huge knowledge and very reasonable prices from home.

As for Go-dive I think Tiewrap has said all that needs to be said really!
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