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Having set out on this journey into diving and having just shelled out a considerable amount of money   (yes Dave, I know I haven't finished yet!), I was wondering how you guys deal with this dilemma.

The place where I did my OW has a dive shop (natch) and after the course we were talking about kit (also natch and I tried on a BC and talked about other stuff...well I said that we (Jo, my partner and I) would be back to buy a load of stuff.

Well, of course you can get stuff cheaper on the internet...my dilemma is, should you support your local dive shop or just go for the cheapest deal?

I admit to buying our Suunto dive computers on the net but the rest I bought from the shop...I did negotiate a discount..

I now feel that I have done my bit and a lot of anything new will be purchased for the cheapest price I can get...

Is this right? What do you do?
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