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Living in London I have a choice of LDSs.  I spend some money at them and some on line.  Like Nick, I buy items at the LDS for convienience (spelling?) and the ability to return them.  For example, trying out my new Aerdura drysuit I found that the autodump was leaking - drove straight from Wraysbury to Mike's and they had a look at it.  Tried it agian the next week and the leak has almost stopped.  

Price is not the only factor to me, service and advice is worth it's weight in gold - I'm prepared to pay the price for good service and after sales care.  I spent a good hour mooching around Mikes in various drysuits and undersuits finding a good match - they then ordered one to my specs (boot size etc) without me leaving a deposit.  And I got a good price, only a few quid more than the cheapest on the net.

Don't just buy on price - you may need the service and after sales that a good LDS can provide.  If they don't provide a good service and they cost more, they go out of business.

PS Not connected to Mikes WW in Chiswick, just had a good experience with them
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