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Quote[/b] (John Gulliver @ Mar. 03 2004,15:10)]...
That'll be Aquarius. They're by no means cheapest but they stock almost everything you need, although it's a poky little shop, and will get you anything they haven't got in stock in a couple of days. Although I live in Sweden, I've bought a lot of bits and pieces from them during visits to the UK as my mother lived in nearby Cholsey and my sister still lives there. ....
I used to live in Cholsey when I worked near Reading.  I still go back regularly

Aquarius are great. All my other LDS have been rubbish so far.  I get most of my stuff on-line or at the show and I get my advice on the net or from my club.  Air is another matter.  They can't be making a loss at £3 a fill so that counts as support.
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