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Do your homework, find the best price you can and then if your LDS are helpful and give you good advice and help give them a chance to come close.  

They might not be able to match the price for various reasons but if they can get somewhere near the mark (and only you can decide what the premium is worth to you) then it maybe worth paying the price.

They hopefully offer airfills, advice, the opportunity to look feel and try on kit, servicing and also what you might consider a easy returns policy.  

If they consider you a valuable customer you should consider the additional services that they may offer, such as free or cheap kit loans in the event yours is being serviced or returned under warrenty.  

If you feel they are trying to take you for a ride they probably are.  

And finally do not believe they can offer unbiased advice.  Virtually every LDS I know will try encourage you to buy the brands they actually stock or the ones that give them the biggest margin (and it might not always be the most expensive items!).

So do your homework, make sure you have all the facts and have made an informed decision and see what they can do.

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