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Recently there was that "Ladybird" questionnaire which some of us felt might be a marketing exercise of some kind, I think the same might be true of the following e-mail which seems to be doing the rounds, the sender is Euro Leisure
PS it comes with an attachment which I certainly wasn't going to open!

Dear diving enthusiast,

I will first introduce myself, my name is Jos Groenendaal, and I am sending
you this message because of a project for my thesis. I have been diving in
several places (Maldives, Phuket and the Mediterranean). And at this moment
I have been given the chance to actually do something for other divers.

My principal (the company I do my thesis for is called Euro Leisure in
Gouda, the Netherlands) is working on the construction for a resort on an
island near Phuket, Thailand, for which it is necessary to look at the needs
and wants of “the diver”. For this project the meaning of the users is
asked, and the meaning of the divers themselves cannot be missing.

I have been asked to include the meaning of the divers in my thesis; and
since a broad group of nationalities has to be represented I have decided to
do this by e-mail. I have been collecting the e-mail addresses from several
diving-forums worldwide, including yours.

With your experience and/or ideas you could help me with my thesis, and in
addition divers with their wishes for a place to spend a holiday. Completing
the attached Word-document will not even take 3 minutes; it contains 10
short questions of which the largest part is multiple choice. I do hope you
are willing to send back the completed attached document.

I do wish you a lot of diving fun for the coming year anyhow, and a special
thanks to those who made the effort to answer my questions.

With kind regards,

Jos Groenendaal

P.S. Regardless whether you have co-operated or not, you’re data will be
handled confidentially.

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