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Ever seen an underwater river? Some fascinating photos

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I've seen similar in the Minotauro cenote in Mexico. The salt water layer was in the bottom metre or so of the cave, so it felt like you were flying down a corridor above the water.

That is so amazing, freaky, but awesome.
Totaly surreal, wierd, spookey even. Thanks Pete.
absolutely awsome
Some quite average photos of a superb site. Unfortunatly the discription of the site is pretty poor too, the cloudy/ misty layer is around 25m odd, with the sulphide layer below. Really weird as you dive through it as you can 'smell' the sulphur through your skin... even with a perfectly clear mask/FFM you still get a strong reek of rotten eggs! The sulphur also turns any brass clips jet black... We had a 2m caiman lurking around while on our 3m stop- with 6" vis too! Kept the heart going nicely ;0)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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