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Everything must go...

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After long and careful consideration I am giving up diving. Sadly my kit is just sitting there and I'm finding I just don't have the time for it anymore.

I can offer collection from:

Foundation Park, Maidenhead

Some items I may be willing to post, but the final price will include postage and I will only post after the funds have cleared.

Pictures Here!
I have uploaded photos of all the kit here also in case you fancy a quick ganders!
If there is anything else you want to know feel free to ask.

For Sale

After every dive the kit has been rinsed and soaked thoroughly with fresh water and left to dry thoroughly before being stored indoors!

1. Sold
12 Ltr Twinset (Flat Bottom BTS Eurocyclinder, 232 bar)

Practically brand new, used for 6 dives (2 sea, 4 inland). These are the longer-style eurocylinders and with flat bottoms which feel more balanced in the water. Decent wide bands with thick plates hold the twinset together solidly. Out of test but looked after meticulously. Always stored with air, always washed with fresh tap water after dives used white hammerite to cover any cosmetic imperfections to prevent exposure to air and thus rust. Bought brand new from Underwater Explorers in Portland in 2012.

2. Sold
Apeks ATX40 & DS4 Twinset Regs (With Suunto SM36 Gauge)

Bought brand new and used for 3 sea and 6 inland dives. The octopus has a long hose (I have included the short hose in case you want to revert back).

Apeks WTX4 (45lbs lift) Wing

Again, from brand new and used on the same dives as the regs. I found this wing very good and perfect for twinset use. When using this over a BCD I found my bouyancy instantly improoved - the balance you get from a twinset and wing is immense.

4. Sold
Apeks Backplate & Harness

The harness has been cut to size, it'll fit anyone of a 28-34 waist, maybe 36 at a push.

Buddy Twinning Bands

I used these to be able to twin a couple of singles up before I splurged out on a twinset.

Apeks Single Tank Adapter

Obviously used so you can attach a single tank to the backplate for use with a wing, instead of a twinset. Also, when put on backwards it's possible to use with the twinning bands so you can use a couple of independants.

Northern Diver Coda Split Fins

A pair of rubber split fins. I've replaced the inferior straps with a couple of spring clips which are far far superior. They are a size large.

8. Sold
Suunto Vyper Dive Computer

Does what it says on the tin.

Uwatec Depth Timer

Does what it says on the tin!

10. Sold
Suunto SK7 Compass

Never been lost with this! You learn quickly, the compass is ALWAYS right. The demi-god of your navigation under the sea.

11. Sold
Dive Rite Bellows Pockets

A couple of pockets, to put things in.

12. Sold
MGE Rachet Reel

A great reel as sported by many a diver

13. Sold
Red Buddy DSMB

Your standard red DSMB

Yellow Buddy DSMB

Your standard yellow DSMB

Rubber Fins

A couple of rubber fins, for those that don't like splits. Size XL.

Underwater Kinetics eLED Light Cannon with lantern grip (... batteries not included)

The pistol grip, couldn't get on with it. I put the lantern grip on this and never looked back since you can someone free up your fingers more. It's a bright torch!

Otter Cordura D Drysuit - Size Medium Tall and Size 9 boots

This suit is great! Did not go wrong with the choice of an Otter! I have never had a wet dive (in this suit).
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Euros sound very cheap!

New theyre £450+. Still a great saving even if it costs £100 for a visual and clean
Just to add some more information on the cylinders.

I bought them from Underwater Explorers around the start of summer 2012.
They are stamped 2011/10 (October 2011) as the initial test date
I can't see any prices?
Just at the end of the titles of the items :)
Just at the end of the titles of the items :)
Nope not a single price shown?
I can't see them in Tapatalk, but they show up in a browser.
I can't see them in Tapatalk, but they show up in a browser.
That will be the problem then, he clearly got too smart with his OP.
That will be the problem then, he clearly got too smart with his OP.
Now I can see them! Shame I missed the twins! PM sent re pockets.
I've just updated the post, I don't know... I use all sorts of formatting to try and make it all clear and then tapatalk makes a mockery of my efforts! Hahaha! :)

I have just checked and I can see the prices now in tapatalk - I put a new line before the prices.

I hope this works for everyone else now.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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