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Hi all. Thought I'd post this here to broaden my options..

I'm selling my twin 10s. As you can see they're manifolded together and have steel twinning bands connected by M8 threads.

The cylinders were hydrostatically tested and O2 cleaned in November 2011 at NDAC. Which means they are not due another full service (i.e in date) until May 2014 (you can see this on one of the pictures).

I have owned the cylinders for just less than a year. I bought them off a colleague who had not used them in some time and could no longer dive. Since then I have been relentlessly trying to configure them to fit me properly. I have probably dived on them 10-12 times in NDAC (fresh water) and once last month in the sea. The cylinders, I think, have always been manifolded together as they have sequential serial numbers.

I have, however, finally admitted defeat and accept they are simply too short for me: I am 6' 2" and need a longer set up (twin 12s for example) to be able to fully operate the valves and maintain a workable position in the water (i.e not too top heavy).

So there you go. As you can see there is the usual cosmetic damage to the cylinders (scratches etc) but if you're reading this far down the ad you'll know this is par for the course. These are good, honest cylinders and would, I believe, be perfect for a shorter person.

I will set a reserve price on the auction initially just to demonstrate what I genuinely believe they are worth. But I will be honest and flexible on any matters with reference to cost; I would also be extremely keen to swap/PX them for a set of twin 12s, preferably ones that are in test to some degree and also have twinning bands and bolts. I am also keen to get hold of a second-hand Halcylon single tank adapter, so that would be a welcome part of payment

As with these type of purchases, collection in person (from SN6/SP11 postcodes) would be the simplest method, but I can look at postage if that's required, but it won't be cheap. If you are genuinely interested, I can get a quote in the week.

Anyway, thanks for looking. Do get in touch if you have any questions/offers and we'll go from there.


Link to eBay article here
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