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Just got this from Chris Teasdale:

"Bren, saw your old post on divernet thought I'd add my bit! Spent nearly 18 months in Falklands at the end of the nineties. South Georgia fantastic place to go but diving v cold and the bottom especially at grytviken is devoid of life.

Diving in the Falklands is a completely different story although cold. Apparently it has the largest concentration of nineteenth century wrecks in the world. I found the viz generally in excess of 10-20m. Most of the wrecks I dived were sub 15m and for the most part untouched by human hand since sinking. I was priviledged enough to dive HMS Antelope in San Carlos which is a War Grave. Antelope lies in 30m, as for the other war wrecks they are in excess of 30m.

As there is no longer a pot facility in the falklands the chances of surviving a bad bend would be remote. Fantastic place to dive and would love to do it again. Portholes and clocks aplenty."

I asked Chris if it was OK to post this info here and here's his repsonse:

"Feel free to post the message. If anyone wants any more info about the Falklands as it is now put them in touch. Got a fair few photo's kicking around especially South Georgia in Winter.


[email protected]
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