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One of the jewels in the sea around our Islands is Lindisfarne and the islands around. Shrouded in history and surrounded by clear water they once provided a home for early Christian monks with peace to study. These were the amongst the first refuges from barbarism from where teaching and education spread across the land.

Now they are home to the most impressive seal colony in the UK. The rocky shore provides great cover and hunting for the seals and terrific diving at nearly any depth. The seals themselves - if you are lucky - can turn a dive magical. Even if the seals keep their distance, the clear water and abundance of life on a thinly populated coast promise encounters with octopus, crustacea and the range of northern UK fish.

As these are rocky islands inevitably there are wrecks that foundered on them. Last time we went we missed the unmissable wreck of the Somali, a 6810 ton passenger-cargo vessel described at
Wreck Tour: 13, The Somali - Divernet

A fuller but still short history if the islands is at Farne Islands - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I quote the diver-oriented section below:

"Hundreds of ships have been wrecked on the Farnes over the years, providing plenty for wreck divers to look at. Among them are the:

It is generally possible to dive at the Farnes regardless of wind direction. There is always shelter somewhere. Some dive locations even provide the opportunity to combine diving and bird watching, in particular the Pinnacles, where Guillemots can be found fishing at safety stop depth."

It is quite a way to go hence making it a 4 day trip. The drive is well worth it for the diving, and then there is the company and the many sites around while not in the water.

When 1st - 4th October 2010

Because the water is at its warmest and it is THE best time to go for a chance of friendly interaction with the seals.

How much?

Around the usual for accommodation and diving.
Diver total: £ 157.50
Couple total: £225.

Who with?

Putney BSAC and the legendary Stan and Lee Hall who have run small friendly and professional Farnes Diving Services for years.

.....is chalets just over the road from the Hall's house, two sharing and very comfortable.

The time for this is now closing in and the trip is open to anyone in the club and to others who would like to join us.

Book your place with a £50 cheque to me at 45 Bangalore St., London, SW15 1QF or let me know your interest by e-mail to steve<no spam>[email protected] or call/text to 07753 811217 and I will give you details to transfer the deposit to my account.
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