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From sunny Sleaford
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Just a quick report from the trip I have just been on. It was my first uk trip and was with the club I belong too.

I decided to go up on the friday and took my Wife and friend and go camping fro the weekend!!!!.

Found the campsite after being directed wrongly by the sat nav. Went back to go old maps.

Put the tent up in wind and light rain and got the kettle on.

Saturday morning arrives still raining so off to Seahouses to meet up with the othe nutty fools. Arrive way to early but fortunately wasnt the only one Steve arrived early. Rest of the guys & girl arrived some time later. It was still raining at this point. We all decided to wait to get suited up till we defianatly found it was on.. WE loaded the boat Glad TidingsIII with our kit. Then jumped aboard.

Well everyone else jumped aboard I silped and fell aboard proving the comedy moment.

Left the harbour to the dive site.

It was a drift dive to about a depth of 17m. I was buddies with the previsously mentioned Steve. For me he was just great as I was a bit nervous and he made it all so easy. Only problem he had was he only had 12l and a pony to do 2 dives.

So we decided to make this dive short . So in we got got my self sorted . Had problems with my cressi mask all dive:( We saw lots of little critters and a big critter. First up were some crabs having some fun ;) then a painted shrimp. Then we allighted on a seal having a snooze laid on the bottom. we swam over him and he woke up and started to play with my fins. and followed us for most of the dive. saw some hermit crabs scuttling allong the sea bed and some pipe fish . last up was a lobster before we decided to send the smb up on 25 mins.

This was a great dive for me being my first in Uk waters i really enjoyed it.

Dive 2

This was another drift dive due to the weather. This one was only to about 9m but lasted 42mins still buddied wiht Steve. Seals were in attendence again and saw a pup from below as it swam down. Saw the biggest crab ever (I think) and quite a few lobsters and pipe fish.

we decided to end the dive on 42mins as we were both very cold.

This was a most enjoyable dive as well.

Then it was back to seahouses and upto soveriegn diving to get the cylinders filled.


Got blown out was blowing a hoolie. So it was just collect the kit and returned to the campsite for a day with wife at holy island getting wet.

Thanks to tim Stewbie, steve lee,michelle John and everyone else it was a good trip even tho one day got blown out.



Big :sun: for the fillers at sovereign got home and was cleaning my kiy off put my regs on cylidners and checked the fill and had 240bar in the air cylinder and 230 in my nitrox cylinder. Top fills

You dir'ty ole' man!!!!!
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I was diving on Saturday on Sovereign 2 and we had 2 good dives, got blown out on Sunday also.

The weather up here has been so changeable lately, good midweek and crap weekends, so not surprised we only managed 1 day.

I posted some piccies from Saturday on the trip report thread - Farnes or Bust.

Glad you enjoyed your first UK dive.

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Was a good day out!!!!

Highlight for me were the seals - Jumped in and instantly surrounded by the damn things. Was great - got a couple of pics of them nibbling at my fins (which I will send off to you tonight Andrew).

I was disappointed about not being able to dive the next day - but there was no chance with the wind.

Nothing else planned between now and Egypt in Sept :teeth:
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