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<font color='#0000FF'>Due to a slight mix up and the dates changing from those originally intended, I've got to pull out of Dave Crampton's Farnes Trip.

Anyone interested in the space (costs you £97.33) should PM me ASAP.

Here's the details

[b said:
Quote[/b] ]Right guys and galls,

Sovereign III has been booked for the 15th-16th May 04. We'll be staying in the Lodge and the cost is 22 pounds per head per night. That works out at 44 for the two night accomodation. The deposit and total cost/ of the boat is as follows:

320 pounds per day for two dives. Thats 53.33 pounds for four dives. Plus accomodation equals 97.33 pounds for the weekend.

I'm asking for 25 percent of the booking price for the deposit. I'd appreciate this as soon as you can.

Sovereign has a filling station with 16 take-offs at 240 Bar and two at 300 Bar. Sovereigen are able to supply and mix NITROX to card carrying divers. I believe we have to pay separately for our fils. We'll be staying in the Lodge which has en-suite rooms with bar and resturant facilities.

List of divers is as follows:

Dave Crampton (dcrampt)
Josie Chaplin (Josie)
Helen (porg) Hadley
Steve Walker (Steve W)
Mattbin (real name ?? pm me please Matt)
Mark Davies - (Payment pending)
Ben (Driftwood) - (93.33 pending)
Dougie Ker (The Dougie Paddler)
Jez (Jeremy James) - (97.33 pending)
Gareth Davies/ (Reeve) - (25.01 pending)
John Mitchell
Frogman (Rick Huggins)

reserve list.
Kate Risely
Gavin and Fiona Yates
Peter K
Peter Kelly's mate

Speaking to the lady who runs the Lodge, we turn up on Friday eve and the skipper runs through what we want and plans the trip accordingly. Both Josie and I are Ocean Divers going onto SportsDivers qualifying around that time so I don't expect these four dives to be Deep. 25m - 30m max. The ultimate decition will be the skippers I'm sure as Andrew has the local knowledge of all sites and tides and weather etc..


Dave C

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Sadly, the 15th of May is a date I'm never likely to dive again

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<font color='#0000FF'>Day I pulled a friends body out of the water last year. Don't fancy diving the first anniversary.

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