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<font color='#0000FF'>Don't know if anyone already knows this info but the farmhouse, Swinhoe South Farm is just as you enter the village of Swinhoe from the direction of Chathill , I believe it is just about the first place you come to but it is the only B&B signposted in Swinhoe so should be easy enough to find.

Ben, with a veggie fried breakfast its £15 a night to camp (bargained the owner down from £17 as you're a dole wallah), hope that's ok.
Hopefully everyone know by now that it's 8am on the top slipway at seahouses, look for MV "Guide Me".

The lady who owns the farmhouse was wondering what time we'd be arriving so if folk can post here with approx ETA I'll phone her tomorrow


PS apparently the migrant Orca's have been spotted around the Farnes just recently, Maestro! cue the cellos... "deeer deh.... deeer deh.... deh-deh deh-ded deh-deh deh-deh doodle de doooooo...."  

Yes I know they're overgrown dolphins but go with the flow
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