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To: Dave Williamson
From: Julia Clark

Hi Dave
it was nice to meet you yesterday. Really enjoyed it, especially since the weather was so brilliant.
I will of course write a trip report but I didnt get the name of either the boat, the wreck, the island with the lighthouse where we lunched  or the scenic site in the afternoon! If you can help me with any of these four bits of info I will do a report.



To: Julia Clark
From: Dave Williamson


Hiya Jules, were you walking around with your head up your arse then or what??  ;-)

Ok here goes, the boat name was the 'Julie D' Now I thought you of all people would of picked up on that one..

The wreck we dived was the 'St Andre'

<snip> The wreck of the St Andre had been travelling north with a cargo of iron ore destined for Grangemouth when she ran into the Crumstone in 1908. Eleven hundred tonnes of steel drifted while she sank, eventually taking the plunge to the bottom in her present position, at the easternmost end of the cliffs of Staple Island.<end snip>

The island we stopped on was 'Longstone' with Grace Darlings famous 'Longstone Lighthouse' standing on it... c'mon now Jules everyone knows about Grace Darling don't they


And the second dive with all of the seals was 'The Hopper'

BTW, we were diving in the North Sea, your buddy's name was Nick and....
heheh sorry mate, only joking...

I hope to meet up with you and Nick again sometime soon Jules.

All the best

p.s. top fruit cake, thanks for that, don't forget to bring me a slice next time eh ;-)



So trip report follows...
05:00 Alarm clock goes off. whose idea was it to do this trip?. Must have been mine, jump out of bed run around a bit , make some butties and coffee and only 10 minutes late to meet Nick at J38 of the M1.
3 hours drive , bacon and egg butty and arrive at seahouse at 8:30. Find the rest of the group and set off in a little yellow boat (the Julie D).
Bright blue sky and blazing sunshine all day. <it's always like this when you go diving with me I promise Dave Williamson and anyone else who cares to listen!>

First dive , a wreck (st.Andre) next to a wall, Two massive boilers, reasonable Viz. Very nice indeed.

Lunch hour, stop on a deserted island with a lighthouse. Eat Chicken sarnies, coffeee, can't quite finish the cheese and pickle. Manage to palm off my mother's fruitcake onto two trusting divers <next time I will bring the whole cake!>
Boat full of sightsee-ers pulls up and disgorges it's contents onto our island, they grockle around for a bit and then depart again. Go for a walk round round the island to try to find the place that isnt full of other divers taking a leak. Find it and start taking a very ladylike leak (being careful not to splash the thinsulate) only to look up and see a boat full of bird watchers with bi-oculars, oh well, modesty and diving are mutually exclusive!
Finsh picnicing and get back on the little yellow boat ready for dive 2. A scenic site called The hopper. This was really interesting and quite unlike anything I have dived before. Swam down several canyons and among interesting rock formations with a gravelly bottom. Saw seals some alive and one dead one which had obviously tried to headbut a propeller. Also saw some really cute little flat fish (Norwegian Topknots, according to my book) having a territory war . This was a really beautiful site.

Got a really sunburned face and a massive grin.
So when can we go again?

Thanks to Bren for putting me onto Dave who put me onto Kevin to book the trip. Oh and thanks to Nick (but he isnt on this forum) for being such a cool buddy.oh and more thanks to Dave for the details above!


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Hey Jules & Co,

Massively glad you had a top diving day!!!! Glad you hooked-up on such short notice and made a day of it! Davey Willo - well in that man on providing good anchorage  

Jules, feel free to join us on any other dive gigs we do and please feel free to prmote your own dive trips here. We will join you.

Gotta confess here that I was originally booked to go on this Farnes day with the Willo (as we've dived/bubbied a lot before) - alas, my wife's work roster partially worked with the whole Bank Holiday weekend (compared with the last two, where she worked nights as a nurse), so had to pass. I will try and not make the same mistake again.

Come on, Willo, where is your dive reportage?
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