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Whats your favourite UK dive site and why.
So thought kick off with a few of mine.

1. Best Shore Dive
Martins Haven Pembrokeshire
Max Depth 20m,i've dived here a few times and the vis is usually good. Swim just out of the bay and theres a drop off loads of life, Huge Spider crabs, and conger lurking in holes.

2.Best Wreck Dive
Hispania, Sound of Mull Max depth 30m
First dived this in 1982,never tire of this one, mostly intact, definite slack water dive.

3.Best Cliff Dive
Calve Island Cliff face Tobermory Isle of Mull Max depth 60m
If underwater abseiling is your pleasure this is the one for you. Dramatic Drop off, nice ledges at 40m, loads of creepy crawlies.

4. Best Scenic Dive
St Kilda Outer Hebrides Max depth

Can't go wrong here, clear oceanic water, dramatic underwater scenery. Well worth the trip out.

5.Best Freshwater Dive
The Gnome Garden Wastwater,Cumbria 40m
The best lake dive i've done, not much to see other than the garden figures and there used to be a toilet down there.
Worth the trek for the vis alone. Respect the memorials.

OK whos next?
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