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I have a 6 month old dumpy 3L with a slightly leaking pillar valve that needs fixing. I would take it back to the shop but its from Go-Dive and its too much hassle to go there.

The pillar valve occasionally leaks from around the knob, usually on doing a negative test on my loop or occasionally if I move the valve a little bit. Its just a very gentle hiss that doesn't compromise my loop integrity but obviously its going to develop into a bigger leak at some point. When it does leak if I move the knob slightly it stops.

This did happen once before, about 10 years ago but at that time I took the cylinder to my LDS and asked them if they would like to assemble it correctly since they had just finished servicing it.

As far as I remember they said it was just a matter of unscrewing the knob and tightening the spindle inside. Is this right?

Can anybody tell me how to fix it or is it a back to my LDS job?


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If you fancied doing it yourself Go-dive do a valve service kit for £6.50

Safe diving,

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Leaky pillar valve

Hi there,

This usually works....
1) turn off the pillar valve until fully shut off.
2) Remove knob, taking care not to loose or misplace thin plastic washer.
2a)If you have a small O-ring round the spindle remove it and save.
3) Remove hexagon headed cap that spindle pokes through.On the cap there should be another O-ring...remove it and save.
4) Take these 2 O-rings to your LDS and saying "pretty please etc" obtain replacements of the same size...From memory/ guess work they they are about BS008 or 009 and BS 014 or 015 check that they are an exact match.
5) Depending on what goes in the cylinder:- air, Nitrox or >40% oxygen clean as necessary and apply the appropriate quantity of appropriate lubricant and reassemble in reverse order 3) 2) fit a regulator then 1)...did you fix it?

Conversely drop round to sunny Hellifield on the A65 between Skipton and Settle and I'll do it in less time than it took me to write this.


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a slightly leaking pillar valve that needs fixing. I would take it back to the shop but its from Go-Dive
I had the same problem on my 12l which i also bought from Go-Dive. :angry: No chance it could have been bent in the post as the packaging was grand...

The spindle was visibly bent - we tried straightening it with a lead block which worked a little. Took it to LDS, about £3 for a new spindle and fitting.


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The O ring seals aren't the bit that leaks. Well sometimes. The little O ring is just a dust seal. The big O ring is a static seal that seals the spindle nut. On the underside of the nut there is a seat that the smooth shoulder of hte spindle sits on. That's the thing that does the sealing. Check it's ok. Usually a bit of a clean and lube sorts it out. You shouldn't even have to replace the 2 O rings unless they are damaged.
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