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Leaky pillar valve

Hi there,

This usually works....
1) turn off the pillar valve until fully shut off.
2) Remove knob, taking care not to loose or misplace thin plastic washer.
2a)If you have a small O-ring round the spindle remove it and save.
3) Remove hexagon headed cap that spindle pokes through.On the cap there should be another O-ring...remove it and save.
4) Take these 2 O-rings to your LDS and saying "pretty please etc" obtain replacements of the same size...From memory/ guess work they they are about BS008 or 009 and BS 014 or 015 check that they are an exact match.
5) Depending on what goes in the cylinder:- air, Nitrox or >40% oxygen clean as necessary and apply the appropriate quantity of appropriate lubricant and reassemble in reverse order 3) 2) fit a regulator then 1)...did you fix it?

Conversely drop round to sunny Hellifield on the A65 between Skipton and Settle and I'll do it in less time than it took me to write this.

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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