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My buddies and I are probably going to order some flags for when we get lost in Stoney :rolleyes:

I know Janos made his own for about a fiver as a comparison with a professional one, SDS sell bowstone ones for £15.

I wonder if we could either talk Bowstone into doing them for us or Janos or another handy YD member to make the DIY ones (I can't as I'm useless!). They could be logo'd up with YD or just left as plain blank flags but there would be potential to make a few quid there.

Everytime I see a bit of kit now I think, hmm could it be YD'd up ;)

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I bought mine off fleabay and I'm happy enough with it, so I've asked him how cheaply he could do a bigger order for. I think there maybe anywhere from £3 to £5 per flag if we charge about a tenner.

At least there is no choice in colour or size, so it'll have to be easier to sort than clothing :eek:mg:

These are a non starter. The guy on fleabay wants £6 per flag, by the time the P&P is added on to send them out, we'd be looking at £8.50 cost each. I doubt we'd get people paying much more than £10 for them bearing in mind you can buy nice bowstone ones for £15.

I will keep thinking though ;)

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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