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Come on guys, cut out the puerile stuff and personal attacks

I agree that VS is wrong, the things they have been doing are outrageous and unacceptable. I also feel that Jay sold us out.

But it's time to stop behaving like a bunch of ASBO offenders ruining it for those who wish to stay or visit.
Granted, you have good cause to post threads discussing changes and making objections but most of the current threads have turned in witch hunts and are a disgrace to the memory of what YD once was.

At least 500 Community Members will be moving on, there's no doubt about that, but others may wish to still visit and a whole bunch of other YD members will make the new YD their forum.

It's pretty clear that all these protestations will have no affect but if you want to make a change do it sensibly, not trashing individuals. It's a right pile of pooh but if you're leaving, say good bye, give your reasons if you like, but move on.

I reiterate, I am totally against what has happened but it's not going to change however much you scream & shout. I expect VS are used to it, know it will happen and quite possibly make money out of the increased activity. Food for thought eh? You are quite possibly playing into their hands

It is unlikely I will visit here much in the future, being predominantly on TDF, so Happy New Year YDers and Safe diving
Hey Jets.

Getting in touch innit.

07880 527 681

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