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For Sale : Aluminium 3L Luxfer Cylinder

yellow, with black and white quarters

tested and O2 cleaned 03/2007, new 03/2004, I let it go out of test due to never using it, so its recently had a full hydro & O2 clean

din convert valve with insert, green rubber knob, labelled for nitrox

used twice (I kid you not) in all that time, so is basically as new, realised I'm just not going to use it so might as well sell it

cost £100 new I think,£40 recently spent on test/clean

these very rarely come up so not sure what its worth, so OFFERS or advice as to likely value please (or ebay on Thursday)

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thats like jack getting something other than beans :)


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its perfectly fine as a pony or for limited accelerated deco but between us we've a few other sizes I can use, shown by the fact that I've only had this in the water twice
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