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Drop Bottle Kit - with hook buoy, 6m line (beautifully finished with amalgamation tape) and clips. I can also supply a MOD sticker “OXYGEN 6m” – Spanking!: £25 all in. SOLD

O2 Regulator – marked OXYGEN (obviously o2 clean) and Button Gauge – pristine condition: £85 SOLD

360 Reg Swivel – Brand New: £20

Sea & Sea Wide Angle Lens – can be used with various cameras (aquapix, MX series etc – check manufacturers website for full details) – Peli case included: £50

Force Fins Inserts – Will reduce to next size down (useful for holidays etc.) - Brand New: £10 SOLD

Ankle Weights – Brand New: £10

Knife Straps – excellent action: £3 SOLD

Apex Dry Suit Inflate with hose (either size connection can be supplied): £10 SOLD

I reserve the right to pull any item as it is advertised elsewhere. Fill yer boots!

Paul Channing
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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