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Hi all, selling my compact and housing. Seen about 30 Dives and in excellent condition. The Camera is made by Ricoh and is fully manual. Easy custom buttons for ISO, White Balance etc and it produces really great results!

Sea & Sea DX-1G camera and housing package Everything below for £Now sold

Sea & Sea DX-1G camera + Housing (boxed)
full manual camera settings and raw file recording
depth rating 55m
24-72mm zoom lens (35mm equiv)
1cm Macro focusing
Image stabilisation
Manual White Balace (can be set on shortcut button)
Leather case for camera

Sea & Sea wide angle lens attachement
16mm equivelant (x0,65) gives great photos!
can be taken off or mounted while diving
Sea & Sea Lens caddy for the lens when not mounted on housing

Other accesories
2 x batteries
light weight Charger
2 x O rings (one packaged and unused)
O ring grease
original manuals
Computer cables

New was over £900 - still a great setup and in perfect condtion. Named as "Best mid priced advanced camera" by Backscatter 2009 compact camera review.

Email me for pics [email protected]


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PM/email sent
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