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For Sale : Otter Brittanic Drysuit

MTM for me 4 years ago, has given faultless service since but needs a little TLC

details; black, frontloader double zip, latex seals, centre chest inflater, push dump upper left arm, braces, welly boots type, no pockets

suit; has had replacement neckseal and cuffseals in late 2005 (by Protec), the cuffseals are in good condition but the covering tape is starting to come loose (but not the actual seals so no leaks) so could do with retaping, the neck seal is in OK condition but may need changing, the bad news is the front loading zip needs replacement, boots appear OK,

sizes; ht 5'5", chest 48", waist 40", boots 7 (exact size/dimensions on request ;))

overall; very good condition, probably 300 dives in it, didn't leak pre-zip damage

originally cost (and still do) approaching £800, open to sensible offers (ie not £50 nor £500 :))

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as my new suit should be ready this week would like to sell

offers around £150 or swap other dive related tat
MMMMM i need a large lift bag :D

do you want some SMB's mate :)
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It might be BIG enough for a pair of engine warmers :D
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