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I have recently replaced my twinset regs so my old ones are now for sale.

They have served me well but not quite what I want right now.

The Right hand post first stage has been converted to DIN fitting, has a 1/2" 7ft hose on it, ready to take your wing inflator hose.

The left post first stage has also been converted to DIN fitting and the 1/2" MP port blanked off, so the bungeed backup reg is on a standard 24" 3/8" hose, ready to take your SPG and Suit inflation hose.

They have been annually serviced and one of them was completely rebuilt a couple of years ago so has virtually new insides.

The second stages are both the Arctic's with the snowflake design.

I would rather sell as a pair as a twinset set up.

£150 ono plus UK postage.

PM if interested.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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