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RalfTech Computer Pouch/Pocket, with belt loop
Hardly used, £8 inc P&P

Otter black hood, size M
New/unused, £12 inc P&P

Buddy Yellow DSMB (self sealing with dump)
Used, with boltsnap, marked "GARY" in large black letters, £12 inc P&P SOLD

Poseidon DIN to Aclamp adapter
Used but in VGC, £12 inc P&P

UK D4/8/cannon trigger type handle
New/unused, £4 inc P&P

High Pressure hose, 850mm approx
New/unused, £10 inc P&P SOLD

Low Pressure hose, standard suit inflation type (not CEJN)
New/unused, £10 inc P&P SOLD

Yellow MGE linecutter
New/unused, £4 inc P&P SOLD

Beaver (or similar) weight harness pouch
Used, £8 inc P&P

life is too short
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yep and all those cylinders and J's that graham is looking after for you too :teeth:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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