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I purchased a VR2 from Martin S back in March as was advertised here, but due to my recent diagnosis I have decided to limit my diving in future and therefore the VR2 is overkill. A summary of Martins description is below, but since I bought it off him I have added the Last Stop Depth and Graph Profile.

Purchased new last year (01 February 2006), but only been in the water two or three times (I think five dives in total) - as you can imagine, it is almost as new. Comes with a 3.6V AA battery fitted (currently at 3.4V), original box, Demo CD, battery opening tool and both complete and quick instructions. Software version is V3.02ac, and has the OC nitrox (i.e. Air + 3 mixes) upgrade PIN installed.You all know the blurb so I'll not bother with it.
As I stated in my original post, it does have a slightly sticky left button which does not affect it usage, but can stick if pressed to hard - a gentle sqeeze on the case below the button and it pops out. It's been like this from new, and I have lived with it with no problems.

Martin has mentioned the screen being slightly scratched, to be honest if you hold it at the right angle and in the right light and close enough you might be able to notice it. Doesn't affect the usability in any way whatsoever. I have a film screen cover that hasn't been put on yet. Martin also mentions the slightly sticky button, but in the dives I've done with it I've never had this problem no matter how hard I tried to get them it too stick!

All receipts included.

Looking in the region of £330.00 posted by registered mail.

KT Tooling 75m Reel - £45.00 posted (Doesn't include smb) but does include spares kit and smb bracket.

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