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Gareth (Reeve) recently gave me the chance to try out his forcefins on a trip to the NDC.  (Thanks Gareth  
  Always been curious what they were like).

I only used them for about 5mins but this is what I found.

Firstly it is the strangest experience, almost like not having any fins on at all, minimal resistance.  But as I discovered straight away, they don't seem to work with frog kicks.  Having said that I soon found a steady bicycle kick propelled me at suprising speed for very little effort.

If you ever get the chance to try some force fins, give them a try, you really might like them.   I was conscious that I was probably doubling the number of kicks I would normally do to maintain a similar speed as my quattros but as the resistance was minimal, it was less tiring.  

I have always been cynical of forcefins but I was impressed.  I think given the opportunity I would quite like to try them them again for a full dive.

Unfortunately I do like my frogkicks so will stick with Quattros for now but if anyone want's to donate a pair to me  

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