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This from Divernet:

Frenchman Loic Leferme, a giant of competitive freediving and a former No Limits world record-holder, has died in a training accident.

Leferme is reported to have died during a training dive in the Bay of Villefranche near Nice, France. He was preparing for an attempt on the 183m AIDA world record of Austrian Herbert Nitsch.

It was said that Leferme got into difficulties when his sled failed to rise toward the surface after he had freedived to a depth of 171m.

Four years ago French freediver Audre Mestre, partner of Cuban freediver Pipin, also succumbed after a dive to the same depth after her sled, too, failed to rise as planned.

Leferme was well known to British divers, having been a well-received speaker at the Dive Show. He leaves a wife and daughter.

Divernet will report further as more is learned of the accident that has claimed Leferme's life.
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Holy shit! Thoughts are with family and friends. I went to a freediving talk by some of his close friends from 'notanks' who talked about him non stop! Thoughts are with those guys too!

Aimz x
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