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Freediving fins - need help with size!

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Im doing a freediving course in June and need to source a decent pair of fins, from all the sites, apnea.co.uk, scubaland.fr, etc Ive only seen up to size 13 Uk, im a 14Uk and have a pair of Mares volo's which are 13's and i can fit my barefoot in, but with a 3/5mm sock I would be cramped. Would anyone know where I would source a size 14uk closed pocket freediving fin or even a strapped version, any help is appreciated:teeth:
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You don't need fins with plates that big. :D :D :D
I was waiting for that one! :D paint them black and off I go!
I have size 11 walking boots, my freediving fins are size 10 and i wear them with 5mm socks.

The are omer foot pockets but diffrent makes are slightly diffrent in size and stiffness. Is there anywhere you can try some on??
Most of the freediving fins I've ever seen go up to size 48 (13?) only (usually a size 46-48 variant foot pocket). Just checked and Picasso, H Dessault, Sporasub and Cressi only seem to do up to 48.

My sporasub carbon freediving fins are size 44-46 to cover my 10.5 feet with thin socks on. Although I tend to use a monofin now more which is a little more painful as it's set up more for finswimming not freediving so the foot pockets are a tad tight.

Might be worth posting over on deeperblue as they will probably have better idea where to source them from. I'm sure that there are footpockets that go up to that size for the fins.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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