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FS: diving stuff

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Listing these for a diving (but non-computer savvy) mate

I've only got the basic detail today, but will get more, plus photos tomorrow

Expressions on interest and offers welcome

Ali 7 with stage kit
Ali 80 with stage kit, marked Jan09, never used
ScubaPro G250 reg Mk25 1st stage, milfex 90cm hose
Poseidon Cyclon reg, 90cm hose
Manta Senior black anniversary reel, complete with tshirt and cave arrows, never used
Uwatec 300m depth gauge with bungeed deepsea housing

Probably more gear to come as well

Postage available on smaller items, cash on collection (Brum or Plym) or YD post if available
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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