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FS- Drysuit, Computer & Regs

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Well, just after Xmas i decided I'd take up diving again- since found out that I've landed my dream job in the States, as such I could do with clearing out everything (And gaining some extra cash!), so pretty much everything that I own has got to go, so here are a couple of bits-

Waterproof Draco Drysuit

Size 'M', the size details are on the Waterproof website here. Tne condition of the suit is brilliant, and only a couple of weeks ago i had the latex seals replaced and valves serviced. Great drysuit (As anyone that owns one will tell you!). I also have the HAVS hood which is included, and a Beaver undersuit, certainly enough to keep you warm! I'll chuck in the drysuit inflator hose (Which you can see in the photo of the regs). Altogether it retails new at about £1000 i think, but feel free to send me your offers!

Suunto Cobra Computer

Suunto Cobra Air Intergrated computer- great bit of kit, read a few reviews online and you'll see how much people like them. This had a brand new HP hose fitted a couple of weeks ago, and also has the quick release system installed. Not only that, but the actual computer unit has been replaced after a problem, so has done a total of zero dives! Also has a compass built into it. Again, the cheapest i can find this is here, plus the quick release system which costs about another £50. Make me an offer!

Apeks ATX40 Regs

These are basically brand new, I have dived them once in a pool and that's it. DS4 1st stage, ATX40 2nd stage and octopus. I think I paid about £200 for them, cheapest I can find them now is about £230. They are what they are really! Offer me something :) In the photo the drysuit inflator hose and computer are attached, obviously unless you buy all 3 items, only the second stage hoses & BC hose will be attached to the first stage :)



PS- Based in Epsom, Surrey for collection, or can sort out a price for postage :)
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