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Right, it's been in the garage because I was going to use it for a project and I haven't got round to it. I'm not going to get round to it, because I have enough to worry about at the mo.

So, it's basically a full face mask with curved glass, face seal, and a reg of sorts on the front. Comes with first stage with very simple design and low pressure hose, 232 bar DIN fitting.

Designed for surface use, but I have used it in a pool and it works. It will gently freeflow (as in a refreshing bit of gas over the face) in some orientations, due to the location of the dump valve. Easily modified.

Would probably be good for someone as an O2 kit of sorts maybe, or if you wanted to have a play with your own FFM without spending hundreds. Or if you wanted a BA set for the house in the event of fire, or if Woz came round and farted.

Call it £50? Seems fair. PM me.

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