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FS : XXL Black Excellerating Force Fins

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XXL Black
Excellerating Force Fins
Fitted with Whiskers and Comfort insteps.
Bungee Straps
Very Good condition.

Fits Size 10+ UK dry suit boots


See Sizing www.forcefin.com/Merchant2/sizing.htm

These are for SCUBA instructors, cave, wreck, tech, or any diver who likes to scull and frog kick, and wants a fin that gives a quick burst of acceleration when flutter kicked.
Excellerating Force Fin have the open foot pocket, characteristic of all Force Fins, that eliminates the #1 cause of cramping from fins, and powers from your strongest kicking muscles, and:
• A long, scooped blade with
• Vortex generators for fast flow of water, and
• recoiling underside ribs that SNAP to catapult you forward for instant acceleration.
• Clean edges for turbulence-free, rapid response to changes in direction, and
• Tapered trailing edges SNAP for extra propulsion
• Whiskers included

Retail at over £350 new. Plus delivery

Used with some scratches and wear.

£190 Including UK delivery
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