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FST hose routing

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Anyone here have some pics of hose routing on twins with FST 1.stage? Or just have some experiences to share?

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Sorry, forgot to mention. For twins
The only pic I remember seeing was good 'Ole Florida boy GI3. So, obviously, it's a DIR long hose HOG type setup.

It looks shit to me, I would have preferred to have them pointing in. I also looks like it might make it a lot harder to reach the valve knobs.
I prefer the hose routing on a DS4, but saying that, have never tried a shutdown with TX100 first stage.

Note, it only 'looks' shit to me, it may well work very well in the water.
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I've got them set up on twins and if you rotate them a bit so that the dry sealed ends are pointing a bit more up, the hose routing is fine. Swapped the wing inflate and backup reg hoses for Miflex ones which makes life nice and easy too.

Absolutely no problem reaching the knobs.
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Woz: You dont by any chance have a picture of your setup?

Woz: You dont by any chance have a picture of your setup?

Bollocks I've just stripped it down! Looks teh same as GIT's rig above but I angle the 1st stages into a V which gives better routing for the long hose.
Thanks Woz. I´we tried it out today, worked like a charm!
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