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I have for sale a complete set of dive kit, including an Oceanic Military spec drysuit (this suit is an all black membrane suit - to fit someone around 6', 40-44" chest and size 10 boot) it also comes with a 100g thinsulate undersuit. The zips are in perfect working order, It has latex cuff seals and a latex neck seal with neoprene neck protector, integrated ankle weight pockets, cuff dump and apex chest inflator. It also has a pee zip to save you gitting out of your suit in between dives to have a pee.
An Aladdin Pro Ultra dive computer (74% batt life) nitrox / air switchable, complete with instruction manual and original box.
Aqua Lung Titan LX with octopus and Mares twin console.
Buddy Commando STAB (Black and Orange with auto air)
UK400 torch with 2 x rechargeable battery, and lanyard.
Buddy DSMB and reel.
Hood, Scubpro kevlar gloves and fins.
Suunto wrist compass.
Bowstone shot weight belt (weighs about 35 pound)
Poseidon dive travel bag with wheels.
12 litre steel faber cylinder out of test but I am confident it will past its next test it is in excellent condition with Din clamp with A clamp adaptor.
This kit has not been in the water for over 18 months due to work commitments that sadly has not allowed me to get back into diving. I now have a baby on the way and the wife wants a fancy pram, so something has to go!!!! The kit is in excellent condition, but the drysuit will most probably need a new set of cuff and a neck seals fitted within the next 10 dives, I do however have a new set of cuff seals in the bag. The reg was serviced just before I stopped diving. I live in Emsworth, Hants just off the M/A27 8 miles east of Portsmouth. If interested you can e-mail me [email protected] to discuss any questions and make me a decent offer!!
I also have some pictures that can be e-mailed.


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